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The West Pier, Brighton is an iconic landmark which was designed by Eugenius Birch and opened on October 6th 1866. The Pier was extended further in 1893 with the addition of a concert Hall. The early Twentieth Century saw increased popularity of the Pier and by 1919 was seeing around 2 million visitors a year. Steadily though and particularly after the 2nd World War there was a slow decline and by the 1960's there were financial difficulties. Sadly the Pier was closed to the public in 1975 as it was deemed unsafe and by the 21st Century, following storms in 2002 part of the structure collapsed. A further insult occured in 2003 when most of the remining structure was lost due to two arson attacks.


The 'skeleton' that remains is widely photographed and stands as a reminder of the Piers' unfortunate demise. I and many others see a beauty in the remaining structure standing alone in the sea. It has, I feel become a sculptural art form through the journey of its own history.


The Skeleton of Brighton Pier

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